Darnum Primary School, by responding to community needs and rationally implementing current strategies in education, provides a progressive and dynamic rural school environment which caters for the educational, social, emotional and physical development of the children of Darnum and it's feeder area. It is located 7 kilometres east of Warragul on the Princes Highway.

The School aims to develop its students’ educational competencies to the highest possible level and to prepare them both mentally and physically for further education and adult life. The school recognises that each child is an individual who requires continuing opportunities for success and expects the students to develop a sense of responsibility to the school and their community.

There are 149 children enrolled ar Darnum P.S. in 2017.

The school aspires to the achievement of excellence and caters for the individual needs of all children so that every pupil may achieve their potential. This has been supported by the employment of SSO and literacy/numeracy support personnel.

The school presents a balanced comprehensive curriculum developing skills and providing experiences in eight key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Studies of Society and Environment, Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Languages Other Than English (L.O.T.E.).

To support and enhance these we offer special programs to address and reflect special needs such as sports clinics, instrumental music, bike education, swimming, religious instruction, camps and excursions. A special feature of our L.O.T.E. program is our Cultural Exchange Program with the district of Innai in Kyushu, Japan. Resources and equipment to support these programs are being constantly evaluated, revised and updated.

Parents are an integral part of our school and are made to feel welcome by our open door policy in which we value parental input, support, and involvement in school programs. They assist in formal and informal programs such as bike-ed, swimming, crafts, arts, sport activities, excursions, administrative assistance, fund raising, group days, policy development, and School Council. There has been a strong parental approval for all programs and operations at the school.