Grade 1 students will participate in reading activities daily.

They will begin their day with 15 minutes of independent reading. Parents/grandparents are welcome and encouraged to join us during this part of the day to listen to children read.  Please ensure that you have a current Working with Children Check and that you have completed the induction with Jai or Sharyn.

Grade 1 students are expected to read at least five nights a week. We ask that parents listen to their child read during this time and to ensure that the reading diary is signed.  Reading diaries are checked daily so it is important that this is signed at the time of reading. Reader bags and diaries need to be returned daily.

Students are encouraged to choose their own books to bring home from a relevant reading tub. They are also encouraged to read books from home and from the West Gippsland Library. Many students are choosing to bring books from home to read during our independent reading sessions. We want students to enjoy their time reading!

Comprehension strategies are a very important part of our reading program.  Please ask children questions before, during and after they have read a book.


Each day students will participate in a spelling test. This term words are taken from the Magic Words. On Mondays, students will have their first test with words that they are finding difficult.  We will keep records of the score they achieve.  That night these words will come home with the students in a black pencil case.  Students will complete the same spelling test each morning with the same words for the week.  The aim is to improve their score for the week.

We will also be following the Soundwaves program on a daily basis.


Writing sessions occur daily in the Grade 1 room. Each week we aim to do a hands on language experience that we can then write about.  Handwriting sessions are also a very important part of our program and a big focus this year.  This year Darnum Primary School will be exploring the 6+1 Writing Traits as part of our writing program.  The traits explored include: Ideas, Organisation, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions and Presentation.


Show and Tell:

This year Grade 1 students are required to bring one item a week for show and tell. The item needs to be related to the monthly topics provided– it doesn’t matter which order they do these in, but they need to choose a different topic each week. Please help your child find something suitable to bring each week.  This is a very important part of Oral Language.



Our Mathematics program is based around Maths Plus with lots of hands on activities.

Mr Law will be taking one Mathematics session a week with the Grade 1 students with a focus on Measurement and Geometry.


Integrated Studies:

Each term students will be learning about a different theme.  This will be integrated across all subjects. The topic for Term 1 is All About Me and my Family.




Students will participate in weekly art sessions. Please ensure that your child has an art smock at school.


Physical Education/Junior Sport:

Students will participate in a 30 minute Physical Education session every Wednesday with Mr Fergy. On Fridays students will be involved in a session with Grade 2s and Preps taken by Miss W and Mrs Mooney.



Students will participate in weekly ICT sessions.



Mrs Nicholls will provide students with a 1 hour session of Music on a weekly basis.  Lunch time sessions are also available for interested students.



Mrs Droppert will provide students with a 1 hour session of Science each week.  These sessions will be taken in the STEAM room (previously known as the Art Room).   



Japanese lessons will be provided weekly by Mrs Campbell. follow.


School Values:

FROGS is the school values program and is an acronym for: 

  • Friendship 

  • Respect 

  • Organisation 

  • Growth  

  • Safety 

These values form the basis of the behaviour standards expected in the classroom and school-ground.