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Your child will bring home a range of books this year. Students are responsible for choosing their own books and keeping a record of their home reading in their diaries.  Students have access to levelled books at their individual levels. They also have access to the classroom library which includes a wider selection of mostly short novels. Based on students’ individual interests, other texts may also be sourced from the main library and electronic media. Students are given the responsibility to select ‘just right’ books and books they enjoy (with some support and guidance). They are also welcome to seek reading material from the West Gippsland Library, their home library and the reading eggs library, or read content from sites like Having access to a wide variety of texts means occasionally students may be wanting to read texts that are too difficult or too easy. Please be aware that they will be reading books at their correct level with their teacher.  If your child has selected a book that is too hard, this is a great opportunity for you to read to your child. This is still a valuable experience and can be recorded in the reading diary. Please see your teacher if you have concerns at any stage. It is important that children are exploring a broad range of texts with the ultimate goal being enjoyment of reading.



Children are free to eat fruit at throughout the day in class time.



Throughout the year, students in Grades 3/4/5/6 are grouped according to needs across six key mathematical areas: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions/decimals. Twice a week, students meet in these multilevel classes, where they work intensely with teachers and peers to address specific areas of need.

Grade 4 students also participate in other numeracy lessons each week which focus on measurement, geometry, statistics, probability as well as problem solving.  Activities include textbook tasks, ‘hands on’ activities, and math games.  There is also a strong focus on automatic response in relation to counting patterns, number facts and multiplication tables.  



Each term children will explore a theme that will be integrated with their mainstream learning, as well as providing them with an opportunity to research topics that are relevant to them.

Term 1: Community, Identity and Diversity

Term 2: Australia’s First Peoples

Term 3: Early Explorers

Term 4: Celebrations



Students will participate in regular art lessons with Miss Campbell. Please send an art smock (an old shirt is fine) if your child has not yet brought one to school.



Grade 3 and 4 students are encouraged to apply to become members of the Student Representative Council which comprises students from Grade 2 through to Grade 6.  The SRC enables students to become active citizens in the school community.  They provide a student voice by seeking the ideas and opinions of their peers and plan and implement projects and events that benefit the school community.  SRC positions are for two school terms.

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